Independent Lawton Real Estate Brokerage Vs Large Real Estate Brokerage

Dated: 11/30/2017

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If you were taking a friend out for the best dinner in town would you take them to Taco Bell?

One of the biggest misconceptions about real estate brokerages is the real estate agent who works for a large brokerage will represent someone selling their home better than an agent who works for a smaller, independent broker.  This misconception can lead to a disappointing reality when buying or selling a home.

Networking among agents 

What happens inside large real estate brokerages is a misunderstood aspect of real estate.  From the outside looking in, you may be under the impression that each brokerage has large office meetings where the best agents attend and exchange information about their listings. This does not happen. 

Realize that real estate agents are independent contractors and that attending office meetings are optional.  If your office meetings were optional and you had more important work to do would you attend the meetings?


Because agents at large brokerages pay large fees it leaves little money available for the agent to advertise your home.  What this means is an agent at a large brokerage may not be able to pay for professional photography, advertise an open house or purchase featured listing advertising on websites like Trulia, Zillow or  

An agent with a smaller brokerage is able to advertise listings much more effectively as the general overall overhead can be lower.


Independent brokers are able to move with the newest technology swiftly where larger firms can not.  With 100's of agents in larger firms the retraining and dollar investment of complex systems is cost prohibitive.  Often times the older systems are not updated or used to their full potential if at all.  Outdated systems that look flashy often times lack when it comes to pushing the firm's listings out to websites and social media.  Independent brokerages are able to invest in new technology since these firms are not paying large sums of money in franchise fees.


If you wanting to sell your home and considering hiring one of the big box brokerages please give one of our agents 15 minutes of your time to go over a marketing plan.  I am confident you will believe we are the best option to get your home sold.

Whether it's a relocation with the army or any other branch of the military, a first time home buyer or just needing to move a William Nelson & Co. agent will get the job done.  We look forward to working with you.

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